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We intend to educate our children in all aspects of development in a caring, loving, play-centered environment according to the most current research. We provide an inclusive program accepting of all races, religions, ethnicities and lifestyles.


​In each room for each age group the curriculum is based on the emergent skills and interests of the children. For all age groups the following focus of skills are:

+ Language, Literacy and Mathematics

+ Social and play skills
+ Physical Development
+ Emotional Development

+ Music and Art


Each classroom follows a daily schedule including free play, structured play, meals, toileting, napping and transitions.

All children go outside every day. Parents provide appropriate outdoor clothing for the season to be kept at the center; bathing suits for water play and snow clothes in the winter. Each age group has an appropriate playground and equipment.

+ Baby Playground- sandbox, playhouse, push toys

+ Toddler Playground - sandbox, playhouse, riding toys, small climbing equipment

+ Preschool Playground - sandbox, sledding hill, climbing equipment and logs, playhouse, Pirate Ship play structure, organic children's garden


Hours of Operation

Open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, every week of the year

   Closed for the following holidays:

+ Labor Day

+ Columbus Day
+ Thanksgiving and the following Friday
+ 2 days for Christmas
+ New Years Day

+ Martin Luther King Jr. Day
+ Presidents Day
+ Memorial Day
+ Independence Day

+ Veterans Day
+ The Friday before Labor Day for Staff Training


Please refer to the annual contract for specifics.

Every Child


All of our meals are prepared in our full kitchen on site by our full-time cook.
Meals are prepared in compliance with Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP NYS DOH) following current nutritional guidelines.
 Deemed a Breast Feeding Friendly program, we welcome nursing mothers or stored breast milk.

Special Education

All children are assessed regularly and developmental checklists are completed twice a year. Children with developmental delays are referred for an evaluation with Early Intervention or the local school district.


Special Education itinerant services can be provided at the center through local agencies if needed.

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