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We have six independent classrooms 

Infant Room:

6 weeks to approximately 12 months

2 Teachers with 8 Children

Baby Room:

12 months to approximately 18 months

2 Teachers with 8 Children

The Baby Rooms focus on language and social development in a loving, nurturing and clean environment. Sign language is used to facilitate spoken language. Teachers emphasize close interaction and appropriate attachment 

Buds Toddler Room:

18 months to approximately 24 months

2 Teachers with 10 children

Blossoms Toddler Room:

24 months to approximately 36 months

2 Teachers with 10 children

The toddler years focus on social skills and independence, including toileting. Much time is spent with large motor activity and learning how to get along with others. They begin to introduce and encourage simple cognitive skills.


Sunshine Preschool Room:

3 years to approximately 4 years

2 Teachers with 14 children

Rainbow Pre-Kindergarten Room:

4 years to approximately 5 years

2 Teachers with 16 children

The preschool years continue building on social and emotional skills within a class and focus on academic learning and kindergarten readiness in a developmentally appropriate play environment.


+ Forest Hills Elementary

+ Hollywood Central Elementary

+ Horizon Elementary

+ Lake Forest Elementary

+ Village Elementary

+ Watkins Elementary

+ Hollywood Central Elementary

+ Silver Lakes Elementary


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